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      The total anti-aging care cream makes skin blossom with youthfulness with the powerful vitality of 3 million Narcissus Plant Cells

      all skin types day/night Skin brightening Anti-wrinkle

      SIGNIA CREAM to make the skin bloom with youthfulness again through the strong vitality of three million narcissus plant cells

      SIGNIA CREAM to make the skin bloom with youthfulness again through the strong vitality of three million narcissus plant cells image

      Narcissus plant cells for supple and smooth beautiful skin

      HERA SIGNIA CREAM is the fruit of Amorepacific’s 50 years of research into plant cells. Three million narcissus plant cells are put into one jar of cream. Restore the natural health and beauty of your skin through its remarkable skin improving effect.

      Falling in love with your beautiful younger-looking skin in the mirror

      With rich and smooth melt-in texture along the delicate scent of narcissus, it lends suppleness to the skin and keeps it smooth and moisturized. Look in the mirror and see how your skin can bloom again with youth.

      Skin improving effect of anti-aging SIGNIA CREAM

      SIGNIA CREAM treats the signs of skin aging to give significant improvement in the skin.

      Customer satisfaction survey I am happy with how my skin looks in the mirror. 90% - Test targeting 31 women (aged between 44 and 52) from October 10 to November 7, 2014 by Orange Intelligence

      Skin improvement Skin firmness Week 0: 0.32 -> Week 6: 0.34 (8.21% improved) Skin texture Week 0: 53 -> Week 6: 50 (4.38% improved) Frown lines Week 0: 16.1 -> Week 6: 15.5 (3.58% improved) Smile lines Week 0: 21.9 -> Week 6: 21.3 (2.50% improved) Test targeting 23 women (aged of 49.0±3.7) from September 22 to November 7, 2014 by Ellead

      how to

      SIGNIA narcissism skincare technique

      • Put an adequate amount on both cheeks, chin and forehead at the cream step of your basic skincare routine in the morning and at night, gently apply from the center of the face outward and massage the face as described below:
      • Put both thumbs under the jawbone and pull the face toward the ears.
      • Pull the corners of your mouth upward, smile to yourself in the mirror and then press the corners with your thumbs for five seconds as if you're pressing the upper gums.
      • Put both thumbs under the cheekbones, press and pull upward like you're pushing the bones up. Move your thumbs inside out to massage the entire cheekbone area.
      • Press the innermost corner of the eyebrows with your index and middle fingers, divide eyebrows into three parts depending on the shape of your eyebrows and then massage each part. Massage the entire eyebrows to smooth out wrinkles between the eyebrows.
      • Gently sweep the skin from the innermost corner of the eyebrows to the forehead, stretch the fingers and then massage along the forehead lines.
      • Use: 0.5ml (the size of ginkgo nut)
      • Shelf Life
        • Use within 12 months from opening.
        • Keep the product at 10–30oC, away from direct sunlight.